AB Coirs

We are the leading Manufacturer of coco products started in 2017 at Pollachi and later we shifted to Erode in 2018 to diversify Ourselves

We are one of the best suppliers of biodegradable and eco-friendly products on a mission to make our world a step closer to sustainable living with the production of Coco products and Areca leaf plates.

Our passion for making the world greener pushes us to produce eco-friendly products and contribute to the environment.


To be the best supplier of biodegradable, eco-friendly products and to make our world fit for living.


To provide the customer with the intended product with utmost quality and care.

We Love Nature

We strongly believe in the fundamental of nature. More we preserve it, more our life will be the safest and happiest one.

We provide highest quality products to all our global customers by clearly identifyng their requirements.

The main strength of our Products is that we have total control over the entire process from sourcing the raw material until making the end product. All this is done in-house, there by fulfilling the commitments in quality aspects and giving our customers very competitive prices, which would benefit the end-consumer.




Why Sustainable Living

The current situation and the rising population has resulted in the overconsumption of resources and at this rate, the situation can result in a lack of resources for the next generation. It is our responsibility to be mindful of the world we are living in and step into sustainable living for a better future.

AB Coirs is a result of one such thought. We use the raw material that otherwise goes wasted to produce value-added gardening product to not just decrease the production of waste and also to grow and nourish life.

We wake up every day to give back to the mother nature and make the world a happier place for everybody in every step we take.




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